Author: Jay Gill
Series: James Hardy, Book 3
Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery 
ASIN: B0794GW62K


The press has dubbed him the ‘Angel Killer’. This killer is anything but an Angel, he's a brutal psychopath who's coming after Hardy and his family.

Detective James Hardy is trying to balance his job as a homicide detective, with being a good dad to his two young daughters, who’ve recently lost their mother.

Dealing with his own grief, and on the brink of a decision that'll improve all their lives for the better, Hardy must put personal matters on hold as he races to identify the Angel Killer.

Nick-named, the Angel Killer, by the media, he’s anything but an Angel, he’s a brutal psychopath whose enjoying his work and growing in confidence. His taste for murder is just getting started.

In an emotionally charged and intense investigation, full of twists and turns, Hardy must give more of himself than ever before to stop an increasingly desperate killer.

How far is the Angel Killer willing to go to save himself? Is Hardy willing to make the sacrifices this case demands to pursue him?

Discover whether Hardy is willing to put his life on the line to stop the ANGEL killer.

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