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Hard Truth

Author: Jay Gill
Series: James Hardy, Book 4
Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery 


James Hardy’s new-found peace is rocked when Kelly Lyle ‘the Mentor’ returns. During her bloody campaign of murder, she rips apart the detective’s new life and reveals a secret that shatters everything Hardy believed to be true about his wife’s death.

James Hardy has walked away from his career as a Scotland Yard homicide detective. He has found love again, and, together with his two young daughters, he’s making a fresh start in a small seaside town.

With his new career as a consultant taking off and the demons of the past behind him, Hardy’s life couldn’t be better.

But the peace is about to be shattered.

When a series of shocking murders take place in the seaside town, Hardy is contacted by local detective inspector Emma Cotton for advice. Hardy learns the disturbing crimes have all the hallmarks of a serial killer linked to his past.

Hardy balks at being forced out of early retirement, but whether he likes it or not, the killer appears determined to draw him back into a world he wants to leave behind.

Knowing it will take something monumental to catch his attention, the killer raises the stakes and abducts someone Hardy loves more than life itself.

Is Hardy about to lose everything he’s fought so hard to keep?

Hardy’s only choice is to work with DI Emma Cotton to discover the hard truth behind the killer’s motives. If they play the killer’s game, they might be in time to stop a tragedy beyond comprehension.

“The Detective James Hardy thrillers are brimming with nail-biting suspense, fast-paced thrills, warmth and dark humour. Jay Gill’s artfully drawn characters and gut-wrenching plot twists will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page – and leave you wanting more.”

Read Hard Truth today, and discover the secret that should have stayed buried.

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