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A friend murdered. His family under threat.
When Detective Chief Inspector James Hardy learns the body of a young woman discovered in the River Thames is that of a friend, his life goes into a tail-spin.

Anya, the victim’s flatmate, is on the run for her life. She could be the key to catching the killer. In a race against time, Hardy must track down Anya, before the killer does.

As the truth behind the investigation unfolds, Hardy’s own family come under threat. With two young daughters to protect and an investigation that twists and turns, Hardy finds himself pushed to the limit.

Can he protect his family?

Will Hardy be in time to save Anya?

With his every move under scrutiny, how will Hardy handle the pressure and solve the investigation?

Discover the gripping investigation that sees detective James Hardy pushed to the brink.

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★★★★★ “Riveting read, a page-turner, good characters and lots of twists.”

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★★★★★ “Couldn’t put this book down! The characters & plots!! Brilliant.”

★★★★★ “An author who can keep me reading all day.”


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Knife & Death, Inspector James Hardy Series Book 1
By Jay Gill
Chapter 1

River Thames, London, England

From their manner you’d never guess the two men were driving to the river with the Albanian’s dead girl in the back of their Mercedes C-Class.

‘I told her that’s how I’ve always made tea. Milk and tea bag in a mug, then pour on the bloody boiling water,’ said Jimmy Kane. ‘You know what Aggie said?’

Chris Perkins shook his head. He couldn’t speak; he was laughing too hard. ‘Nah, go on, tell me.’

‘She said I was “uncouth”. So I asked her, “What does uncouth have to do with making a cup of bloody tea? Do you want a cup or not?”’ The two men were laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes, and Jimmy had to concentrate to drive in a straight line.

‘You know what?’ said Jimmy. ‘She then got all upset with me – yeah, with me. You know how she gets all huffy and puffs out her lips. Saying I was spoiling her Downton Abbey time.’

‘You better watch it, Jimmy. I reckon’ she’ll have you dressed as one those Downton butlers the way she’s going. Sounds like your Aggie is getting herself sophisticated. I hear they call it Downtonitis.’ The two men cracked up again.

Jimmy flicked on the indicator and parked up alongside the river. The two men put on their caps, lifted their collars and got out. Chris looked over the side of the bridge to the cold, black water of the Thames below.

‘High tide. Just like I told you,’ he said proudly.

Jimmy opened the boot of the car and the two men grabbed either end of the plastic sheeting the girl was wrapped in, then carried her to the wall, where they rested for a moment.

Chris checked the time on his phone: 3.25 a.m. ‘It’s my birthday today.’

‘Really? Well, in that case you’re buying breakfast, mate,’ said Jimmy.

The two men rolled the body back and forth and started to sing. ‘Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear whoever you are...’

They rolled the body off the bridge and waited for the splash. ‘...Happy birthday to you!’

That done, they jumped back in the Mercedes and headed off through the early morning streets.

‘So did your Aggie want a cup of tea in the end?’

‘No. In the end she decides she wants coffee. And get this – I got that wrong as well. I made regular coffee but she now drinks decaf. I tell you, things are getting very complicated in my house. I love her to bits; don’t get me wrong. But things are complicated.’

‘Sounds it,’ said Chris sympathetically.

‘Just you wait. Your girl will have you running round in circles soon enough. You mark my words.’