Walk in the Park_ebook.jpg

Walk in the Park

Author: Jay Gill
Series: DCI James Hardy, (Short Thriller) Book 2
Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery 


When a close friend of Hardy’s is murdered the detective questions whether taking the law into his own hands could ever be justified.

Detective James Hardy is enjoying a rare day out with his two young daughters when he makes the mistake of answering his phone — it’s his boss.

A young mother, out walking her baby, has been murdered in broad daylight. Followed quickly, by a second terrifying, vicious attack on a young woman who’s a family friend of Hardy and his daughters.

Shaken and heartbroken, Hardy assists the team leading the investigation into a killer dubbed, the Regent's Park Ripper.

Knowing that in all likelihood the killer will soon strike again, the investigating team must put aside their differences, and work day and night to prevent more loss of life.

In a nail-biting, fast-paced investigation, Hardy will challenge his own, very personal need for revenge, when he finds himself face-to-face with the suspect in a deadly confrontation.

What choices will the heartbroken detective make, when he finds himself alone with the man who so savagely ended the young life of a family friend?

Discover whether Hardy takes justice into his own hands.